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Chopik and his colleague Matt Motyl studied survey data of over 127,000 adults from all states, measuring both attachment anxiety, in which people are "clingy" and constantly worried their partner will leave them, and attachment avoidance, in which people don’t want intimacy, and act more distant and cold toward their partners.

This allowed them to examine how people view relationships and how they function within them by observing state-based personality trends.

Meanwhile, the worst states for love scored high on both attachment anxiety and avoidance.

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We tend to be drawn to people who are similar to us, therefore, we’re more inclined to migrate toward like-minded people.

These traits, along with genetics and perspectives, can shape the personality of an area.

Winters in New York can lead to more aggressive behavior with temperature drops doing anything but setting the mood.

There are personality traits that appear to be more prevalent in different parts of the country.

A popular belief is that “you can always find someone better” in a large city because there are so many choices, which makes people feel romantically and sexually overwhelmed.

In the new study, published in the , the state of California outdid its east coast counterpart; it tied for 10th place with Maine and Washington for the best states for lovers.The nervous folks at the Parents Television Council certainly did; they issued a statement condemning Mc Donald’s for sponsoring such obvious filth.But this is light cable TV, suitable, as the show’s rating tells us, for anyone over fifteen: the bodies are mostly waxed and safely blurred, and the bad words bleeped.And the singles, though they have signed up to travel to an oceanfront resort in Panama and naked-date nominal strangers for the viewing enjoyment of other strangers, are a circumspect, conservative bunch.“I want the whole white-picket fence, a dog, some kids, you know, everything,” Joe, a twenty-four-year-old from Long Island who is the male contestant on the first episode, says. “Dating naked gives me a way to trust someone possibly again.” His female counterpart, a thirty-six-year-old woman named Wee Wee, appeared to be a likely match: “I do have a ticking clock, so it is important for me to meet someone who would like to have children.” Later, she tears up when telling the camera, “I want a family of my own.”The other contestants in the three episodes that have aired so far sound, similarly, like walking, talking naked e Harmony profiles. Justice, then there’s no point in starting a relationship at this point,” says one Mr. “If I find the perfect girl here I could be ready for everything,” a man named Keegan says, already imagining minivans and soccer practices.“You talked a little bit about how you go through guys like they’re chewing gum, and I am not a piece of candy,” Steven, a thirty-something Australian living in Los Angeles, says to one of his dates. “I’m hoping to meet my true love on this island,” Diane, aged twenty-eight, tells the camera.Later, she clarifies her intentions: “I don’t want someone who is going to try to get laid on the first date. Sometimes the contestants go barefoot when walking on the beach or through the jungle, other times they wear socks and sneakers.

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