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Hi All I created a dashboard by using Crystal Xcelsius and Web Service.This Web Service is having three methods and the output of the first method is Input to the second method and the Output of the second method is Input to the third method. When I am using When Cell Updates field for the first connection refresh button there is no error and when I am using for third connection refresh button it is giving error # 2032.– The purpose of dashboards is the fast und correct communication of information in order to show coherences and patterns.

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S Government Recovery Act website which tracks recovery spending using a dashboard.

Click on a state, zoom in to a particular county or search by a recipient name and watch as the dashboard updates automatically.

SAP BO Dashboards has only just conceded – more rough than ready.

Remarkable is that the value axes in both charts starts with Zero and is not, for a change, cutoff.

After clicking on OK Button the dashboard is working fine. Please check and tell me is there any solution for this.

If I remove the When cell updates field then there is no error. Thanks in advance Rajani Hi, I have created a dashboard with a Web Service too.To learn more about how to create Xcelsius dashboards see this Business Objects Xcelsius Overview Video (Web Ex player required.) You can download a free, trial version of Xcelsius to try out creating your own dashboards.And to learn how to use Xcelsius yourself, check out our Xcelsius Training courses!It's more similar to the Flash Script Warning from Xcelsius 4. We use Query as a Web Service to pull the data from a UDB database.If you're able to trace your web service calls, check to see if any are failing or are taking an excessive time to run. Today everyone started getting the Error #2032 everytime they accessed the dashboard.I think it happens in Xcelsius, sometimes because there is an error in Xcelsius, but if you are using web service, the cause can be anywhere in it. In my experience, the Error #2032 is NOT specific to crossdomain issues, rather its a web service timeout issue.

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