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For females without a partner, and female couples, be prepared for a flood of emotions to overwhelm you.

Understand that you're about to embark on a marvelous journey that will open your eyes to a wonderful experience and one that will awaken you like from a long deep slumber.

The more you allow him to lick you the faster he'll learn.

And be sure to call out the secret code command often while he's licking you.

Orgasm as often as you can while he's doing this (and believe me, you will! Now after several weeks, when you're satisfied that he knows your secret code command for letting him know you want your cunt licked, and both you and him are ready...it's time to move on.

This section is for those who want to do oral on their animal.

If you're a single female who has no partner to help you with this, I'd highly recommend that if you have a male or female friend that you trust, talk with them and get them to help you in your endevor.

If you don't, then make damn sure you read and understand this whole guide before attempting anything alone.

If you don't want to do this you can move on to the next section.

Out of the 71 women I've trained for K9 sex I've only had one who didn't enjoy it and continue on with it.

For the couples, males helping their significant other, I'd advise you to be there from start to finish in the training of your animal.

Understand that she might possably do things to the animal that she doesn't/won't do for you, such as oral.

And of those remaining 70 about 63 have told me that giving the dog oral was the best, lots of cum and lots of good taste.

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