Wii news channel not updating

This new feature will appear on the Zelda Home Menu screen, although it will only be available to Nintendo Switch players.The separate Wii U patch notes do not include the new New Channel feature so, don’t expect anything new popping up tomorrow.

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Send messages to other people connected to Rii Connect24 through the Wii Message Board on Wii Menu.

Released for Breath of the Wild on Nintendo Switch and Wii U, patch 1.3.1 fixes a couple of DLC issues, as well as adding a new feature.

A new channel is being launched on Wednesday, August 9 which will provide ideas on how to tackle the game.

However, the streaming TV service may offer users the ability to add other premium channels in the future, we understand, like Starz or Showtime.

Both of these channels offer offline access (meaning, downloads).

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Your Wii's blue disc light will glow when you receive a message!

For anyone still exploring Hyrule with Link, this latest Legend of Zelda update could come in very handy.

Currently, those in Boston and Chicago metros can subscribe to the live television streaming service, which is being aimed at those who no longer want to pay for cable TV, or have chosen not to sign up for cable in the first place.

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