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But if desired, it is officially supported (albeit a bit unorthodox) to mix a resilient Edge Pool with a single Standard Edition Front End Server. This role will be addressed after the completion of Edge server deployment, but leveraging some of the legacy behavior that is still supported in even the latest Skype for Business clients will allow for at a minimum of external connectivity from Windows Desktop clients and many IP desk phones.To support the myriad of newer clients and platforms the service will need to be published using a reverse proxy model of some sort.

The Server deployment article linked above only covers the unique, individual steps to quickly deploy an Edge Server in a lab with private certificates.

This article covers in-depth best practices and explanations of each step along the way to deploying a pair of servers in an Edge Pool leveraging a more realistic scenario using public IP addresses and third-party certificates.

Understand that while IPv4 addresses in these ranges cannot be routed to the Internet there may be cases where some of these subnetworks are actually in use inside the external firewall.

So any connections to hosts on any subnets within these ranges which can only be reached via the external interface can be handled in one of two ways.

A functional Front End server deployment is required before one or more Edge servers can be deployed into the environment.

This means successfully completing the configuration detailed in at least these three articles: Part 1, Part 2, and Part 3.This insures that connections to undefined networks will always go out toward the Internet.To allows these servers to find and communicate with internal hosts there is a standard accepted practice of defining static routes for all reserved subnet ranges to utilize the internal interface as the target route.Note that following those articles verbatim only covers the deployment of a single Standard Edition Front End Server, which actually is sufficient to perform this deployment.The Edge Server article mentioned above is meant for environments built specifically to those articles, while this article basically assumes that there is already at least one Skype for Business Enterprise Edition Front End Pool deployed in the environment.Additional guidance and various accepted best practice guidance is also intermixed throughout where appropriate.

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