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When you start a new process (such as a new command line), it will pick up the environment variables from the process that is starting it.

When the path is updated, only the process performing the update can know it has changed, and the setting doesn't propagate until you log back on (for per-user settings) or reboot (for system-wide settings) which, as grawity suggests, detects changes to environment settings in the registry and thus I see my new PATH in command-prompts started from the Desktop or Start Menu.

With older versions of Windows, you can choose when to update. Microsoft has revamped a lot of things in Windows 10, replacing many of its legacy desktop programs with universal apps. If you're a Media Center fan -- or if you desperately love any other legacy features that don't currently exist in Windows 10 -- then Windows 10 may not be for you.

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If you downloaded a version of i Tunes from Apple's website, use the steps in this article.

If you have Windows 10, you can also get i Tunes from the Microsoft Store.

If you've already reserved the upgrade on Windows 7 and Windows 8/8.1 and are yet to see the update, there's an easy fix that allows you to manually initiate the download process.

When I update my PATH using either the built-in Environment Variables dialog, or something like Path Editor, and then open up a command-prompt, the changes to my PATH will not register with the console, For example, if I edit my PATH and then start from the Start Menu or a shortcut on the Desktop, then my PATH looks fine: it has successfully been updated; however, if I start from a shortcut anywhere than the Start Menu or Desktop, the new PATH does not get read and I get the old path instead. I've tried running the command prompt from a shortcut on the desktop and it works fine; I then copy that to a sub-folder on the desktop, and I get the non-updating PATH problem.

The Windows Store is a great way to get apps, music, movies, and now e Books in Windows 10 Creators Update.

However, you might run into a situation where the Store isn’t working correctly.

If you're not sure if you have an administrator account, learn how to log on as an administrator.

You can also refer to your computer's help system, contact your IT department, or visit support.for more help.

By default, the OS is set up to automatically send feedback to Microsoft, allocate part of your device's bandwidth for its P2P update service, and show ads in your Start menu.

Most of these invasive behaviors can be turned off (though you'll need to Windows updates are usually a good thing!

Most of them bring important security patches and bug fixes to your device.

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