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Jessica Marie Alba was born in Durando, Mexico on December 25, 1951 by Esperanza Bustillo Carreño and Juan Pedro Alba Benitez.Her mother was a seamstress from Mexico, but her father was a Drug dealer from Cuba.

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Jessica Marie Alba is a Mexican Actress, Kitchen maid, and scort.

She is best known for her roles in Sin City and Sin City 2 and several mexican porn movies.

It is said her burrito breath can bring a dead puppy back to life.

She is 58 years old, 5'9" tall, weighs 141 pounds and is hotter than burning house.

Her most notable one was as "That 70's Girl" in the film, Into The Blue.

In 2000, her old friend, James Cameron, made a sci-fi television series loosely based on the life and times of Jessica Alba.Because of this, Elongated Man dumped her and unsuccessfully tried a relationship with Supergirl, instead.Because of her changes, Jessica spent much of her time indoors after graduation, and eventually, developed OCD.In 1998, Jessica Alba had gotten her superheroics degree from De Vry Online.She first put her powers to work by smashing up the set of Batman and Robin and saving the world from the ultra-shitty Michael Bay film.They liked her so much, the crew hired her as the role of Samus in the Nintendo video game, Metroid.

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