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Since his father was also an actor he was greatly inspired by his father to be an actor. He graduated from Carnegie Mellon College of Fine Arts in 1994.

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TV Guide Magazine: Is it true you and costar Patrick J.

Adams, who plays Harvey's not-exactly-legal protégé Mike, were once roommates?

" She was like, "If you had fun tonight and you wanna call, call." I got in the car and immediately called her, and we spoke until 9 in the morning. TV Guide Magazine: You made your film debut at age 8, costarring with Treat Williams in ] was pursuing his own career. Let him have a normal childhood." At the time, I was quite perturbed, but I got over it. She's on set with me all the time, and she's like, "Gabriel, we need you in hair and makeup.

TV Guide Magazine: So if your 4-year-old daughter, Satine, decides that she wants to follow mom and dad into the business, what would you say?

Beneath the surface, though, a case can be made that the two share a drive to succeed and a charm that's almost criminal.

We deposed TV's smoothest legal eagle on crashing with his bromantic costar, ignoring the ' success?

Macht: I would not have anybody running her to auditions!

co-stars are reflecting about the Royal Wedding, and naming their favorite part of the entire day.

“It was surprising to see Elton John play ‘I’m Still Standing.’" Gabriel Macht, 45, who plays Harvey Spector on the show, told .

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