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"I have 10 times as many women contacting me as men, and men should just flock to me," the reality star/founder of told Tarts."I’m going to give them my love-lab service for free for a month, so keep in mind there are far more eligible women out there than there are men." And just FYI to the person he’s currently seeing -- if commitment is what you seek, pack your bags.

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Of course, the friends never revealed what the “possible overdose” was on – just alcohol, or harder drugs?

Either way, I hope this isn’t the sign of a bigger problem.

"I have an obsession with singing musicals; I sing them all the time.

I’m actually in the middle of doing an album right now and am working with some amazing song writers and producers.

She's never been too crazy, like out of control, you never hear stuff about her how she's fallen and you look at her, like 'oh that's sad.' She's always on top of her game, so I respect her for that." Okay so when she’s not looking for love or making melodies, Daisy is into politics -- or so she says.

"I’m really into politics and activism, and I like psychology a lot. But I think all of that ties into where I am as an artist, and how I’d like to change the world.

They’ve had the same few photographers for forty, fifty years and there are only a couple of people on set and nobody is looking at the fact that you’re nude.

They are looking at the lights, the hair, the make-up, the wardrobe and just you forget you have no clothes on because nobody's even paying attention to that," Underwood told Tarts.

"I really haven’t been paying attention to what Obama’s been doing lately because I've been busy," she added quickly.

"I think he's doing a good job but I don’t really have any expectations for him." But back to "Rock of Love," the star of VH1’s other spin-off show "Tough Love" Steven Ward seems to be having the same problem as Daisy -- too many people all over him …

| Pop Tarts Scene & Herd Should we really feel sorry for her?

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