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Recorded in Nashville with producer Dann Huff (Keith Urban, Thomas Rhett, Steven Tyler), Brett penned 11 of the 12 tracks, including his current No. 1 hits – PLATINUM-certified “Sleep Without You” and “In Case You Didn’t Know.” The latter solidified Brett as the first Country artist to hit the PLATINUM-certification sales mark with a song released in 2017 and has reached the 2X PLATINUM sales mark. 1 on Vevo’s Country Chart for six consecutive weeks and Young is the only artist to have two videos on Vevo’s Top Country Videos Chart for 2017.

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It has used the to find the number of the web server which has a copy of the page.

Now it send off a request to that server asking it for the web page.

Of course the name server knows the number of your computer, because that was in the packet too.

So it sends a reply packet to tell you computer the number it needed. Your computer now knows the number of the web server, .

Your computer sends off the packet to it, saying it wants to know the number of (DNS) server in the network preferences if you really want to know.

When a DNS server looks up a computer name, it either knows it because it has it in a list, or it just asks another DNS server which knows more names.) How does the packet get there? Your computer sends it down the ethernet connection or phone line from your computer, or it transmits it by radio to a base station which sends it down some wire.

Packets can only be around 512 bytes - about long enough for a text message of 500 characters.

Even the request that your computer sends off can be longer than will fit in a packet.

Also, sometimes you had to learn a different program on each computer.

So finding out how things worked was really difficult.

Each computer, when it gets a packet, looks at it and sees what computer number it is being sent to. The packet gets passed on until it gets to its destination.

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