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Emma Watson also had to admit to herself: Jade’s grey mini-dress was a few inches shorter than her own dress, and Jade’s silver-coloured high heels were the eye catcher of the night. “Draco Malfoy’s girlfriend is upstaging Emma”, the press reported. The brunette was first pictured with Felton, 21, last July at the Dark Knight premiere in London.

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As the magazine described, Felton erupted into nervous laughter when he answered.

“Sorry I’m being a bit aloof with my answers.” His memory may be faulty when it comes to childhood crushes, but Felton, who played the villain Draco Malfoy in the “Harry Potter” film series, could clearly recall the first time Watson slapped him.

Sad face."We were always very close, but no, nothing of that nature," Felton told E!

Tom Felton started acting in movies at the age of ten. Tom Felton is currently single, him and Jade his most recent girlfriend broke up.

Jade scored another time: While Hermione was stuck posing “plain platonic” between Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, Jade was snuggling up to her Tom, with whom she had shown up in matching outfits.

That was probably very upsetting to Emma, who is, according to insiders, known to be quite bitchy.

There has been a lot of publicity recently speculating on some kind of rivalry brewing between Emma Watson (who plays Hermione in the Harry Potter films) and Jade Gordon, Tom Felton’s steady girlfriend.

Jade, 22, is assistant to the stunt coordinator on the Harry Potter films, where she and Tom met a few years ago.

“Er, uh, um, no,” he replied to Seventeen when he was asked if he also had a crush on Watson.

He also claimed he did not know about Watson’s crush on him.

), we can now read it: Emma Watson was flabbergasted when the paparazzi suddenly turned away from her. Thousands of fans and press had come to see the New York premiere of “Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince”.

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