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The soft-voiced, but not necessarily soft-spoken daughter of ghosts.

Introduced as a ruthless and tricky gossip columnist who maintained the "Ghostly Gossip"; she was shown to be misunderstood of the influence of her column, but kept it up.

In the Monster Mashionals storyline, Toralei leaked the Monster High routine to their rivals Smogsnort's Vampiric Academy as revenge, but failed to make them lose.

Daughter of the Mummy, here Ramses De Nile by name.

Resident Alpha Bitch and head of the fearleading squad, she's known mostly for her wealth and icy personality at school.

She's the signature doll corresponding to the "Bloom and Gloom" line.

Daughter of Circe, and a famous pop star in the monster world.

A plant monster born from the seed of the Corpse Flower, an extremely rare flower which only blooms every 1300 years, Amanita is very beautiful but also very selfish.

She has a history with Cleo de Nile's family and Deuce's mother Medusa.

Her online bio describes her as the personification of the mean girl with a posse.

Howleen is one of the many younger siblings in the wolf family and shares a room with Clawdeen.

A special collector's doll designed by Gaga's sister Natali, produced for the Born This Way Foundation, and serving as the symbol of MH's "#Kind Monsters" movement.

Hailing from Costa Shrieka, Batsy is the daughter of the white vampire bat.

A girl created by Frankenstein's Monster and his bride (mad scientists in this universe), and their daughter. After long being devoid of the powers granted to vampires, she received them in . Fiercely loyal to her friends, fiercely protective of her friends, and all-around fierce. A level-headed and laid-back character, Lagoona spends most of her time in the water (either in the ocean or the school's swimming pool) and is the gang's resident surfer girl and school swim captain.

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