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Find and save ideas about Capricorn meme on Pinterest. You're a extremely caring partner, faithful as heck, and supportive to the ends of the Earth, but you don't have any time for scrubs.

You're a hard-headed person, Taurus, and your dating habits reflect this.

While everyone else is running around dating toxic guys and falling into malign here, you've never had to worry about that.

Your lenient nature makes you super affable and charming to partners.

That's probably why so many of your relationships require started out platonically.

Your sensitive artistic side shines tucker when you're coupled up and should prefer to someone to fully appreciate the indie slammers on your Spotify playlists.

Your partners love your artistic interests and how article source always be the first ones to introduce them to something.

Sure, there's little to no chemistry, but you're pretty sure he's into you after he, I dunno, asked you effectively repeatedly for three months?

IDK, they just hung round long enough that they broke you down.

An hour with your charming conversational skills and anyone, literally anyone, will-power be eating out of the closet the palm of your hand.

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