Updating subclipse

Figure 77: Specifying the repository URLTo work with repositories, we need to tell Subclipse where they are located.

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The rest of this section assumes you have Eclipse 3.2 installed and operating properly and walks you through installing Subclipse and using it to manage Subversion repositories.

Installing Subclipse Figure 65: Find and Install Eclipse Plugins The first step to installing most Eclipse plugins is to first access the Find and Install option under Help  Software Updates.

Press the New Remote Site button to add a new site for Subclipse.

Figure 68: Adding the Subclipse update site In the modal window that appears, enter a name for the update site (Subclipse 1.2.x) and the update URL ( Figure 69: Selecting the version of Subclipse to install A new Subclipse site should be listed in the Updates window and it should be checked.

Figure 73: Restarting the workbench In order to finish the installation of Subclipse you should restart the Eclipse workbench. Figure 74: Verify the installation of Subclipse To verify Subclipse was installed successfully open the perspectives window using Figure 74 as a guide.

Figure 75: SVN Repository Exploring Subclipse is installed and available if the SVN Repository Exploring perspective is listed.

Figure 71: Subclipse installation location Subclipse needs to be installed in the folder where Eclipse is installed. Press Finish and the Subclipse installation files will be downloaded.

Figure 72: Subclipse installation verification screen Press Install to begin the installation of Subclipse.

Subclipse SVN Client is a SVN Team Provider client for the Eclipse platform (the platform utilized by Servoy Developer).

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