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You will have to wait until the doors are completely dry before staining each side.It took us roughly 12 hours of drying time for each side of the cabinet. Gel stain is super thick so you don’t even need a primer.

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Just shake the can, stir the gel, dip your paintbrush in, and get to work.

We went with General Finishes Java Gel Stain in 1 qt.

I guess I knew it was going to be a pain to paint cabinetry. I have finally completed the job and here is my finished product.

Just so we can see what I was initially working with, I wanted to include a picture I scanned in from the listing booklet when I bought my house. I forgot to take my own picture before starting to make changes. My first changes were painting the walls a nice creamy neutral (Sherwin Williams – Medici Ivory mixed by Benjamin Moore) and then painting my ceiling an understated aqua color (Sherwin Williams – Glimmer mixed by Benjamin Moore) to add a little interest.

So, in July, I marched my happy butt up to the paint store and purchased my paint in satin, primer, and supplies.

Then I proceeded to let them sit in my laundry closet for about 7 months.

And here is how you can update ugly oak cabinets on a budget too! These ugly oak cabinets typically come standard when a home is built.

But rather than spend time and energy sanding and painting, we decided to just re-stain them instead. As most of you know, I’m super lazy and pretty undomesticated.

Since we are talking about paint, I will mention that it is my opinion that Benjamin Moore has the best paint.

It just seems to go on and cover better than other paint I have used. I had heard about a new paint formula that Benjamin was coming out with called Advance that was specifically for wood.

I installed small glass shelves under the mirrors that I got from Target for keeping my everyday items like face wash and lotion.

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