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In my databases I had some values that were often calculated while generating several reports.

Also there were some columns that were dependent on one or more other columns.

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Here are a few rules: Nullability Nullibility for a computed column value will be determined by the database engine itself.

The result of a non-nullable referenced column may be NULL in certain conditions to avoid possible overflows or underflows.

Persisted You may have noticed that we also used the property "Persisted" for our computed column.

This property for computed columns has been introduced in SQL Server 2005 and onwards.

Since about 1999, using My SQL 3, I have generally used the data type to represent money values as it stores decimals at reasonably high precision.

The values stored are approximations, but the number of decimals treated accurately is enough for normal money values.It is important for any computed column, because many additional features depend on it.To be able to make a computed column as Persisted it has to be deterministic.Provide specifications for the calculated column as shown below.Now we have our table CCtest with a computed column.You can provide an alternate value for NULL using the ISNULL(check_expression, constant), if required.

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