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Adler, Ernst Alart, Alma Doll Co., American Stuffed Novelty, American Wholesale Corp., Anita, Arrow Doll Wig Co., Austin Gray, Baltimore Bargain House, Beaux Art Shade Co., William P.Beers & Co., Bloom, Blossom, Blum Lustig, Bon Marche department stores, Butler Brothers, Calvare, Chad Valley Co., Hilda Cowham, Eisen, W. Ekart, England Art Toy, Etta, European Novelty, Flapper Novelty, Fleishman, Gerling, Gerzon Co., Charles F.

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Bullet journals are meant to keep you very, very organized in the most aesthetically pleasing way possible.

You see, a great bullet journal isn’t just about keeping you on top of your very busy schedule – it’s also about being put together in an artistic, calming way. So, it makes sense that bullet journal layout ideas are so important when it comes to the art of the Bu Jo (this is the popular term for the bullet journal community, and don’t you look at me like that because I did make it up).

The bodies can be made of muslin, gauze, felt, flannel, velvet, corduroy or cotton fabric and stuffed with straw, excelsior, sawdust, kapok, cotton batting, or lint and string from the floor.

Originally, clothing and head ware were stapled or nailed directly onto the doll. Does it have a wig cap, simply glued on or is it rooted.

Gibson, Goldberger (Eegee), Heho Art Dolls, Hollywood Imps, Kat-a-Korner Kompany, Victor Keney (Keeneye), Konroe Merchants, Lady Godwyn, Lenci, Levallois, H.

Josef Leven, Mizpah Toy & Novelty, Claire Morris of LA, Munich Art Dolls, Mutual Novelty, Paramount Doll Co., Erma Petzgold, Pierrot and Pierette, Erma Pinner, Paul Poiret, Pollyanna Doll Co., Pompeian Art Works, Sanlys, Sterling Doll Co., T. F., Unique Novelty Doll Co., Nora Wellings, Ethel Westwood, and probably others.

These dolls have been made with a wide variety of materials. Many of the French Boudoir Dolls were made with silk.

Some dolls have papier mache faces, and some have faces made of cloth.

Consequently, depending on the environment of the doll, the condition of this doll can deteriorate rather quickly.

As time went on, the transition was made to hard plastic so sometimes you will see a doll with a composition head and hard plastic arms and feet.

I’ve been playing around with my options, switching things up, staying with what works, and getting rid of what doesn’t. Here are some aesthetically pleasing bullet journal layouts that will make you want one of your own: 1.

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