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As the satellite dish installation coupled with ‘in China made’ cheap satellite receivers become more and more widely penetrated broadcasters started to invest to have free-to-air channels on Turksat satellite even with poor video quality.

The main business model for the broadcasters was to have a free-to-air channel on air, to have the possibility to reach millions of people and try to get any possible level of rating and get the interest from advertisers.

I keep writing on Turkish and on English since many years.

People had suffered a lot due to long-lasting and tiring cancellation processes, miscalculated or miscommunicated surprising bills, not best-in-class customer care cycles etc. If you don’t mind I’d like to share first my two cents about the root-cause of this uniqueness, later on I’ll come back to the consequences.

All these stuff somehow caused people to try to stay away from 24-hours commitment type of Pay-TV offers. Historically terrestrial broadcasting has been a real mass in Turkey.

Even today, cable service is only available on limited areas.

On the other hand, satellite installation has been increasing constant since 15-20 years in Turkey.

This is simply the ratio of households with Pay-TV subscription.

There are certainly homes with OTT services only such as Netflix, Apple TV etc.Nevertheless, from my perspective the Pay-TV rollout should be calculated with this methodology.After this relatively long introduction, coming back to your question my short answer will be the main difference about the market maturity is simply the average income level of the population.The government failed to regulate the licenses and broadcasters with the political power or financial strength managed to build their own towers and broadcast their live TV channels.Considering cable space, this medium has been and still is under control of Turksat -a state-owned company- for many years and they’ve lacked to make the right level of investment to expand their footprint.If you compare income per capita in Western Europe to Turkey you’ll notice that income per capita is roughly four times bigger in Europe.

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