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The Distribution Agent then applies the compensating commands to the Subscriber that originated the conflicting transaction.The compensating actions update the rows on the Subscriber to match the rows on the Publisher.You can change the conflict resolution policy after the publication is created as long as there are no subscriptions to the publication.

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There is no compensation for the subsequent dependent transactions that can occur.

However, transaction boundaries are honored and all the actions within a transaction are either committed, or in the case of a conflict, rolled back.

Until the compensating commands are applied, it is possible to read the results of a transaction that will eventually be rolled back at the Subscriber.

This is equivalent to a dirty read (read uncommitted isolation level).

Deprecated features should not be used in new applications.

Updatable subscriptions including immediate updating and queued updating with snapshot and transactional publications.

This topic describes the deprecated Replication features that are still available in SQL Server 2012.

These features are scheduled to be removed in a future release of SQL Server.

If the old GUID stored in the transaction matches the GUID in the publication, the publication is updated and the row is assigned the new GUID that was generated by the Subscriber.

By updating the publication with the GUID from the transaction, you have matching row versions in the publication and in the transaction.

The conflicting transaction is rolled back at the Subscriber that initiated it.

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