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Just because the two of you are now dating doesn't mean either of you are different people.

Continue to be yourself and don't try to impress him or her - they already like you!

Put your hand on his/her arm when talking, say things like, "you're so cute! Source: Shutter Stock Test out the waters by making a "joke" about you two dating.

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Here Are Seven Things Every Man Should Know Before Dating or Marrying a Chinese Woman.......

These Facts Are Crucial if You Want the Relationship to Be a Happy and Successful One... When dating Chinese women they rarely show their true character until after a great deal of time, sometimes not even until after marriage!

Do you feel like there's sexual tension between you guys? Before you make a move, you should consider what how you think your BFF is going to react.

Source: Shutter Stock Think he or she might be into you also? You don't need to put serious moves on him/her, but just start being a little bit more flirty when you two hang out. It should be pretty comfortable since you two are so close.

Source: Shutter Stock If you guys have been platonic friends for a long time, doing the sexy stuff might be a little awkward at first.

But don't worry about that - things will get better and both of you will get more comfortable as time goes on.

This is due to a culture where the peer pressure is very high.

Working out her true character before-hand is therefore a must. When Chinese women are attracted to a man they will do things indirectly (much more so than a western female) to show their attraction, but without knowing the cues and signs it may pass you by.

Also, your mutual friends might start to feel a little weird about two of their friends dating. Source: Shutter Stock This person was (is) your best friend, right?

So that probably means you know everything about his/her sexual past.

Check out these tips on how to date your best friend with little to no awkwardness: Before you do anything, seriously think about how you think your BFF might feel about you.

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