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Educators knew that young people and their parents would choose school over work only if it served a practical purpose.In response, schools offered vocational and commercial courses from dress-making to bookkeeping.

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It wasn't until the late 1940s that kids were called "teenagers." Zoot suits (like the one in the movie "Mask" with Jim Carey), bobby-soxers, soda shops (young men working behind the counters were called, "soda jerks.") There were "sock hops" and the dancing style was "Jitter Bug" similar to the Jive dances of the 1950s.

It was also the big band era and the likes of Benny Goodman would get the teenagers up and jitter bugging. Those teenagers that were lucky enough to have a car had a "jalopy" which was basically a beat-up old car that they learned how to work on and brought back to life.

International experts from the United States, Australia, China and Britain have assisted in the search-and-rescue efforts.

Prime Minister Prayuth Chan-ocha thanked the international experts and rescuers.

To this day in antique car shows you can still see some of these magnificent jalopies.

1940s EDUCATION: If you stepped into a 1940s classroom you'd see girls making dresses, hats, learning to do laundry in the correct way and beauty culture and boys trained hard in physical education (football as well) which really kept the boys in shape for war.

Growing numbers of young people soon filled technical schools.

Schools taught lessons in family life, hygiene and health. In 1945 50% of 17 year olds were high school graduates.

Brilliant." The rescue team member then tells them, "You have been here 10 days.

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