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The Carpathian Foredeep developed as a peripheral foreland basin related to the moving Carpathian front.

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The inner foredeep (beneath the Carpathians) is composed of Early to Middle Miocene deposits, while the outer foredeep is filled up with the Middle Miocene (Badenian and Sarmatian) strata, up to 3,000mthick.

The Early Miocene strata are mainly terrestrial in origin, whereas the Badenian and Sarmatian strata are marine.

Her research interests are varied but focussed on how geological history impacts on coal measures behaviour during mining, processing and utilisation.

She also develops 3D models for the distribution of sedimentary strata that can be used to predict geohazards in coal mines or reservoir behaviour in conventional and non conventional gas resources, and for geosequestration.

No UMass players were award winners or Top Performers for the week. Jon Quick is the hottest goaltender in the NHL right now. ▲ Sad news in college hockey today as the Alabama-Huntsville Chargers announced this will be the last season for the program at the DI level.

▲ In an opinion shared by myself and, it seems, many FTT readers, Dick Baker gives Toot Cahoon a thumbs down for changing up the lines for the Boston College game in a well thought out blog post. After getting a shutout over Phoenix last week to earn his 100th NHL win he’s been unstoppable ever since, posting two more shutouts since then. This is a disappointing product of challenging geography, a short-sighted administration, and the inability of the other college hockey schools to find a place for the Chargers who were left standing when the CHA disbanded and the conference realignment music stopped.

Since I did not see or listen to the game I’m not going to comment on specific play.

I will say that after my recap last week when I said this team had not improved from last year since they hadn’t figured out a way to win, I was told I was being overly negative. Well if this weekend didn’t solidify those observations, I don’t know what else would.

But that wasn’t enough for the remaining schools and conferences and UAH was left to die on the vine.

There are not enough college hockey teams out there if you ask me.

Time for the team, coaches and players, to make the necessary adjustments, strategic or in how they approach the game mentally, to learn how to win.

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