Start steam without updating Liveteensexchat

I don't really use it in game, except for screencaps, and mod subscriptions.

Thing is, I don't really need it for optimizing, since it's a dedicated machine, and I've got the settings dialed in.

While at the blank Skyrim screen, press the "Start" button on your keyboard to bring up the Start Menu over top of the Skyrim screen.

I doubt you'll do any serious damage, but it's better to not risk it if t his is foreign territory to you.1) Download Game Booster. It works by closing out unnecessary programs that would otherwise take up memory and hinder Skyrim's performance. You can find guides online wih directions to maximze it's usefulness.2) Set Game Booster to close "explorer.exe" .

You can set GB to restore all processes upon the game being exited.

____________________________________________________ I use WINXP still, have performed these tasks in the past until October 30th update, they no longer work.

Also, I did run in realtime and just got some beeping from my processor.

I've had this happen when the processor is overclocking so I simply reset the game to High.

Needless to say, no one has comented on whether or not the instructions are still working for them or not (other than me) so I hope someone is trying to figure out how to bypass Steam with some other method.Graphix are good enough to suspend disbelief, it doesn't lag, or load over long.I already figured most of this out, or a not disimilar method, but it's just to acces my account from another machine while I'm playing.I've got "Win"dows streamlined for minimum processes, partitioned for dedicated RAM (from the 106 Gig I've got full of mostly Movies, and Music) and so forth.It's just like turning off Steam, but instead all that background crap that windows likes to pile up, because microsoft programs by comitte.Therefore, its safe to conclude that those who want to play without Steam running, and own a legal copy, are trying maximize the system resources available to Skyrim. This guide is broken into two parts:-1) Open Steam. MORE THAN LIKELY THE CONTINUE/LOAD SCREEN WILL NOT SHOW UP - THIS IS FINE! To get back to Skyrim:6a) Alt-Tab again to Task Manager and then close it.

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