Free video chat with sexy aunties for free - Sophos enterprise console not updating

Using SUM will be a big improvement over using the EMlibrary.

By Using IIS you can overcome the limitations and service your distributed environment with fewer SUMs and that means fewer policies.

I hope this info helps you before wasting hours of troubleshooting!

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If your PC uses one or more SSD (flash) disks, it could be 2 to 8 gigabit.

Only the fastest internet connections start to exceed the speed of a typical disk sub-system.

Your local router buffer fills up (measured upload is fast!

), then overflows, packets are dropped, the upload stalls, the buffer empties, and the process repeats.

Because browsers typically download files and store them on disk the upper limit of this speed test is going to be limited by the fastest write speed of your PC disk drive.

In the case of a spinning disk this might be as low as 500 megabit.

Your browser can also have a buffer which makes the initial few seconds of "reported" upload speed faster than it should be.

If you have been using a speed test located IN your ISP network, or very close to it, it will have a very low ping time.

By far the worst thing about Sophos 8 was the EM Library.

It was niggly and tricky and if it did not work properly it would freeze all the data on your console.

Tried rebooting the server and checked to make sure all SAV services were running.

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