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Nevertheless, “anonymous social” seemed to be carving out a new category for itself this year.It almost made sense that this sort of activity would emerge in a post-Snowden society where users realized that social networking on more public, “real-name” networks like Facebook had been tracked by their own government.

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That is, they’re “one-to-many” sharing apps, not “one-to-one” mobile messengers.

Investors and the media alike debated about the ethics of these sorts of apps, as they often allow for cyberbullying and shaming of public figures – and in some cases, even seemed to encourage that activity.

The study's sexual nature has quickly become fodder for jokes online.

Researchers say unemployment is also a factor that contributes to Brits having sex less often because it can result in depression followed by low libido -- but technology is a definite part of the equation.

When Secret, funded to the tune of $35 million from investors/users, finally had to clamp down on that activity – by recognizing and flagging posts where users were typing in people’s real names and stopping users from posting photos from their camera roll, among other things – it began to decline.

In short: when the trash talk dropped, so did the app’s popularity.

Secret’s pivot is representative of the app’s inability to maintain growth amid an overall decline in anonymous social networking applications, with the exceptions of Yik Yak, Whisper and, more recently, newcomer After School.

For a bit of background before diving in: One of the bigger trends among consumer applications in 2014 was the rise of “anonymous social networking” – or apps that allowed users to post publicly to networks without using their real names.

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