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With a current enrollment of 135 students, it is situated in a small liberal town that is a bluish dot in a largely Republican area of Southwest Ohio. “This is someone who was repeatedly confronted and didn’t change their behavior and then was ultimately not tolerated in the community,” said someone who knew Mx. “I need to be accountable.”In the fall of 1990, an Antioch student reported a date rape to the dean’s office.

Its first president was the education reformer and politician Horace Mann; Coretta Scott King is among the famous graduates. I felt like I had been run out of town on a rail.”Contemporaries of Mx. Sanders but did not want to speak publicly about the matter. Sanders is now committed to seeking affirmative consent in sexual interactions. The administration promised her that the male student would be removed from the dorm in which they both lived.

This is our land and our continent, this is not property of the Europeans or their descendants.

Not one inch of this continent belongs to Europeans, no matter what lies or distortions of ownership they may present.

People introduce themselves with their preferred pronouns (“I’m Katie and I use ‘they/them/their’”).

In a lot of ways, Antioch College exists in a bubble.

Personal space is discussed in class as an often encroached-upon right.

At the same time, as with many in their generational cohort, some students are giving full expression to their gender identities, whether those identities are fixed or fluid.

Students including Marcell Vanarsdale, 22 and now a fourth-year student, arrived at Antioch mostly unaware of the college’s consent policy. Vanarsdale, who grew up just outside of Chicago and is studying history and performance. It also dictates that people under the influence of drugs and alcohol cannot give consent. When the policy was enacted in the early 1990s, it became the subject of a lot of media attention, including a blistering skit on “Saturday Night Live” in 1993 starring Shannen Doherty (“major in Victimization Studies”) and Chris Farley (“charged in three hazing deaths”) as Antioch students competing in a game show hosted by Phil Hartman called “Is It Date Rape? ”-like categories included “I Paid for Dinner” and “Halter Top.”)Before a national audience, the school and the women who created the policy were portrayed as endemic of a politically correct culture run amok that was trying to desexualize sex. Antioch recently extended its Sex Week into a month. “Being able to talk to a partner or multiple partners about what you like, what you would like to experiment with — to have a negotiation whether it’s about B. “Our students and our alumni have always been very involved with activism, and social justice is in our DNA,” said Mila Cooper, Antioch’s vice president for diversity and inclusion and the director of the Coretta Scott King Center. ’ These are all thing that can enhance the experience instead of killing the buzz.”Still, there is a learning curve. Navarrette, for one, was not used to having honest conversations about sex. violation being reported to a student community representative or a member of the staff or faculty spreads very quickly. is, by definition, an unwanted act in the context of a sexual interaction, it must also be considered a violation of Title IX, the federal law that forbids sex discrimination within any entity that receives federal funding. “I was having difficulty managing being polyamorous. One reason for the policy, they said, is to protect against people casually touching people who don’t like to be touched or who have disabilities that make unexpected touch painful or unsettling.“I’m also looking for it to help people get justice or get acknowledgments at least for microaggression,” said Mx.

“I think my parents raised me pretty well and taught me respect for people and respect for women, but learning about the S. He attended several sessions at orientation devoted to the policy, including one led by Planned Parenthood educators, another about the history of sexual relations. “The biggest pull was moving away from the idea that ‘no means no’ and toward ‘yes means yes.’”In its most updated form, the S. So, strictly speaking, any drunk hookup would be found to be in violation of the policy if one of the parties filed a complaint.“The S. “We wanted to bring even more pleasure-based sex education and gender-based education,” said Iris Olson, a 2017 graduate, who is studying for a master’s degree in public health at Boston University and uses the pronouns they/them/their. Olson, 23, who prefers that gender-neutral honorific, helped organize Month of Sex events. “There’s a heightened awareness of sexual violence and sexual assault right now with the Me Too movement, but I do think Antioch has been involved in these conversations long before. is a reminder of who we are and what we’re here to do,” said Michelle De León, 23, a second-year student. It’s saying that when you do touch a person, your touch is exciting and welcoming to that person.”“There’s an idea that it has to be very unromantic and very contractual and that’s not true at all,” said Jeanne Kay, who was an Antioch student and now is working for the school’s fund-raising division as the annual giving manager. “It can be especially difficult for people of color who are from cultures where women and girls are not supposed to talk about sex,” she said. “But then, you see, at least for me, it’s not just what you say but how you say it, getting more comfortable with the language. It’s pretty much guaranteed that the person reporting the violation will share mutual friends with the person they’re citing. And federal guidelines prohibit officials from revealing private details of an investigation. We can’t say that we found somebody responsible, and this is the consequence that they got,” said Mr. In late 2014, Todd Sanders, now 26, was called to meet with a dean because two S. Alcohol became a factor.”The dean read a list of complaints, Mx. Janecko, currently on co-op in San Francisco, working at a mime theater.

“It helps promote respect for all people in the community.”The school’s historical mascot is the Antioch Radicals.

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