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He’s still reading and writing about ophthalmology and — in warmer weather — playing tennis. How likely is it that four members of the Kenyon community would have unplanned visits in Naples, Florida, within a 30-minute period! Johnson, Potsdam, New York, continues to have fun writing, directing and acting in dinner murder plays as fundraisers. Kelman Cohen updates that he “made it to 83 and continues to dodge health bullets.” He is still working on grant research and downsizing his home, with a bit of travel in store as well.

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He serves on the board of the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival and Concours d’Elegance, the latter a 10-day racing event ranked third in the nation: “Come down first weekend in November when the weather is great — the show is spectacular.” Stew also chairs a tax funds committee for the town, and serves the finance committee of Cross Anglican church and the marketing committee for his neighborhood, Long Cove, a Pete Dye golf course-anchored residential community.

Next up: 53rd wedding anniversary, two high-school graduations, a granddaughter wedding, all 27 of his clan for Christmas — and northern India next January. Rubin, Mill Valley, California, muses: “Maybe it’s the California water and sunshine — or plain curiosity about how we will get through these curious times — that keeps us reluctant seniors active.

He has been umpiring for 44 years and playing church handbells for 27.

"Still breathing, and still grateful for the Kenyon education and experience." John S.

(Which is the new 77.) This fall — while on a yearlong leave of absence — I taught at Semester at Sea, my third voyage on the floating university.

Then, after a month in Hawaii, I returned to Gambier, where I read and write and plan travels: Berlin in May, Austria in July.I volunteer at the local hospital in the cancer unit encouraging other patients and am still professor on the Yale faculty and senior adviser of the Yale Bahamas Eye Program. I still think of the excellent non-science courses at Kenyon and regret I had too little time to take more of them. Klosterman spent winter around home in Siloam Springs, Arkansas, missing his usual months in Tucson. He sings in several choral groups including the Gilbert and Sullivan Society of Maine, is a member of his community’s poetry and writing groups, and presents programs to other residents involving digital designs from original photos.Relocation allows him to visit his daughter several times a month instead of once a year — “so life is fine and I am well!” “Last summer we enjoyed taking our 11-year-old grandson, Jakob, to a weeklong Grand Canyon program and two days in Las Vegas. Schori, Reno, Nevada, stays active in tennis, pickleball and yoga, enjoying good health and still traveling.The Grand Canyon experience is offered by ‘Road Scholar’ and includes exploration in the western canyon, rafting the river and helicoptering out of the canyon. Wachtel, Memphis, Tennessee, still plays blues and jazz in various local venues and still paints. Gury is enjoying his beach home in Ocean Ridge, Florida, not far from Boca Raton. At the end of March he went on a sailing trip with friends off the coast of Belize. Baker retired this year as photographer for the Flagship Niagara — “the brig that won the Battle of Lake Erie, which allowed Kenyon College to exist! traveled to Pasadena to watch his beloved Georgia Bulldogs beat Oklahoma and its Heisman Trophy winner, then to the national championship football game in Atlanta, in which “they should have beaten Alabama,” he laments.“Our 40 years of living and working in boarding schools should make this a piece of cake,” he writes, but downsizing means “learning the wisdom of the Roman word for heavy baggage — impedimenta! Legg, Greensboro, Georgia, and his wife cruised the Amazon last November and from Los Angeles to Auckland, New Zealand, in January.

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