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This line of thinking, however, prevents the Church from seizing a great opportunity.

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The ego and the devil have this in common: they try to remain hidden so they can be most effective. Other virtues are difficult if not impossible to acquire without a meaningful measure of humility.

These days, however, just getting to the altar has become a herculean feat.

A very wonderful and faithful priest once told a friend of mine that she needed “to find her husband at the altar” meaning she needed to find a man who lived his faith fully.

A question that occasionally comes up when the topic of single Catholics is raised has to do with priorities.

Some would say that the Church is too busy addressing the many moral evils in today’s society to be concerned with single people.At a time in which we are supposed to be evangelizing the culture around us, the New Evangelization is being undermined by the fact that more and more Catholics are not living out their vocations.Why should the Church take an interest in single Catholics?It would also help for the Church to consider that many single Catholics can no longer be categorized as “young” adults.It may be tempting to continue to push the age limit of the young adult ministry further and further back, thus using the young adult model as a kind of catch-all.Sometimes it seems as if many of the people marrying young in the Church are the folks who are living together, using contraception, marrying outside the Church, etc., while those who follow the Church’s teachings are unable to establish a family.

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