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The surveillance agency GCHQ used a hacking program codenamed Optic Nerve to view British citizens in their homes as they used the Yahoo!

webcam chat system, the classified files revealed by former US National Security Agency contractor Edward Snowden and published by Up to 11 per cent of the images contained what agents called “undesirable nudity”, according to the documents.

The Livetext for i OS app may be the closest thing to turning a smartphone into a live television camera, only the app is silent and comes with texting.

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The way it works is that one user begins texting a friend, and then when the message recipient joins the chat session, the originator immediately sees him or her on the screen. The app also taps into a user's contact list to find those who have a Livetext ID.

Yahoo teased the media July 17 with little comment.

With Yahoo Messenger being discontinued, Yahoo is letting people know about the Discord-like Squirrel app being developed by Yahoo's parent company Oath.

Like Discord, Squirrel allows you to create chat rooms with various channels that you can join to discuss a particular subject.

Nick Pickles, the director of civil liberties group Big Brother Watch, said Orwell’s 1984 was “supposed to be a warning, not an instruction manual”.

“Secretly intercepting and taking photographs from millions of people’s webcam chats is as creepy as it gets,” he said.

Livetext for i OS can use either a Wi Fi or cell connection and can do only 1:1 messaging, not group chats—at least not for the time being.

Unlike Skype or Face Time Livetext for i OS doesn't do video calling the way Skype or Face Time does.

Instead of uploading contacts to Squirrel, you create invite links that you can send to friends and family so that they can join your chat room.

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