Sedating racoons

A Freeform game in Zoo Tycoon 4 allows the player to choose what kind of zoo to create, with the only restrictions being space, animals, and objects.The player's money supply is unlimited, and all items are available from the beginning of the game, except for those that can only be unlocked in Scenario and Challenge games.

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Players can set the water in Zoo Tycoon 2 reflective by changing water detail to "very high".

Trees, food and all of the 2D objects in the original game have been updated to be 3D.

Zoo Tycoon 4, also known as Tycoonia in Europe, is the fourth Zoo Tycoon game.

Zoo Tycoon 4 contains all features similar to Zoo Tycoon 2, all four official expansions and a new menu theme exclusive to it, similar to Zoo Tycoon 2: Ultimate Collection, other than having different controls depending on a console system.

The player chooses a plot of land for the zoo to be built upon at the start of a new Freeform game, and each plot of land represents a different biome (the biomes are alpine, benthic, boreal forest, coastal, desert, grassland, pelagic, reef, savannah, scrub, temperate forest, tropical rainforest, tundra, and wetlands).

Each plot of land is also a different size (large, small or medium).Both the elevated paths and sky trams will give the guests a good view of the animals, while still keeping their privacy levels content, creating a win-win situation.Various tour objects are available to the player; interesting, mechanical objects that move and improve the guest's overall rating of the tour.As well, there is a Challenge mode in which the player has a limited amount of money (although the player can choose a starting amount) with which goals must be completed. The player can create a Jeep Wrangler or Jeep Commander tour through the zoo's exhibits.The new sky tram routes allow the guests to get a bird's eye view of the animals.Most of these get more challenging as you progress through the game.

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