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Sage TV is a HTPC software that brings together television, video, music, photos and online content into a complete, easy-to-use home media experience controlled from an existing PC or home server.

The CPU is passively cooled with a heat sink – no fan needed meaning no noise.

The back (see photo above) shows the video composite/component breakout port, Optical S/PDIF Audio, HDMI 1.3, two USB 2.0 ports, Ethernet 10/100 and the power port.

And Sage TV allows you to customize how all remote buttons and functions work so customize it to your hearts desire.

You’ll notice this HD300 has an external IR receiver port on the front.

Sage TV also has the ability to access the Sage TV experience when you're away from home with Sage TV Placeshifter.

Sage TV, like Windows Media Center allows you to watch HD and SD premium cable or satellite (requires a Hauppauge HD-PVR) in pretty much any room in the house that has an Ethernet or wireless network connection.

I tested power usage with the HD300 using a Kill A Watt and the HD300 consistently used using 6W – 8W of power depending on whether it was in standby or streaming media.

Impossible to beat with a full-blown HTPC and a huge factor for me preferring extenders with a multi-TV HTPC setup.

Before I get into the nitty gritty of the review, lets run through what the Sage TV HD300 is and what it can do: The HD Theater 300 was built to handle three key functions: The Sage TV Extenders including the HD200 and now the HD300 extends your Home Theater PC (HTPC) to your TV using a consumer electronics device that is crazy-simple to set up and easy to use.

Support for DVDs (ripped or streamed) with menus, Blu-ray Disks (BDMV ripped or streamed), as well as the more difficult formats such as MKV, FLAC, files with subtitles etc just work.

Earlier today Sage TV announced their newest generation Home Theater PC (HTPC) Extender / Media Player called the HD Theater like its predecessor with a new model number – the STPHD300 or HD300 for short.

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