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In 2014, Witherspoon produced the thriller Gone Girl and received critical acclaim for portraying Cheryl Strayed in Wild, for which she earned her second Academy Award nomination for Best Actress and a fourth Golden Globe nomination.

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Well renowned American actor turned writer was born in New Castle. Ryan had relations with his fellow star Abbie Cornish. Their relation broke after three years, it is rumored that Ryan was also cheating her too.

After splitting from Abbie Cornish, he finds himself younger than his actual age.

Also that year co-starred with Sarah Michelle Gellar and Ryan Phillippe in the drama film Cruel Intentions, a modern take on the 18th-century French novel Les Liaisons Dangereuses.

The San Francisco Chronicle praised her performance as Annette Hargrove: "Witherspoon is especially good in the least flashy role, and even when called upon to make a series of cute devilish faces, she pulls it off." She also appeared in a music video by Marcy Playground for the film's soundtrack.

She portrayed Jennifer, the sister of Maguire's character who is mainly concerned about appearances, relationships and popularity.

Her performance received good reviews and garnered her the Young Hollywood Award for Best Female Breakthrough Performance.

Then after a year of breakup he began dating to Alex Knapp.

When they are in relation, Alex was just 21 years old and Ryan was 36 years old. But for Ryan that was enough time to tie up with Alex Knapp with his baby.

Director Alexander Payne said of her, "She's got that quality that men find attractive, while women would like to be her friend. Nobody else is as funny or brings such charm to things.

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