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In the folder, was probably hundreds of pictures of Jenny.The first ones were relatively innocent, just pictures of her in her underwear. There were completely naked pictures where she spread her legs, pictures kneeling in front of the mirror sucking on her finger, and the most recent pictures, were pictures of her kneeling squatting on the floor with a dildo stuffed into her ass and a ball gag in her mouth. Nic’s head was spinning slightly from the pictures.The following is a purely fictional work of a art, I do not encourage or support the acts presented.

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Jenny was trembling as she made her way up the elevator and towards 415 at the end of the hall, but she could also feel something stirring between her legs… She opened the door with the key card and entered the room. She turned on the light, but there was no one there.

Instead there was a note: “Good, Strip naked, put on this blindfold and wait for me on your knees in front of the bed” Jenny stirred. She hurriedly opened the door and, without looking back, rushed down the hall towards the elevator.

Other than a million selfies in different settings there were a bunch of screenshots of chats.

He read through some of them while sitting down on his bed and realised they were between some girl and her boyfriend.

He browsed the folders of pictures on her phone and eventually found, among many labelled with names of her victims, a folder called “Little Pet”.

As he looked as the pictures, he not only found his member growing hard, but also felt a plan form in his head.

For Nic, it had been a great day with his friends at the local skiing resort.

They had finally managed to find a hole in everyone schedule where they could get a break from the mid term stress of university.

Nic guessed that they were being used to extort and blackmail this girl.

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