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The app is free, but a paid subscription offers more gaming features, such as mini-game power-ups and access to the infamous Dark Tower.

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Harries's schooling suffered from the heightened publicity.

By the age of 14, Harries, whose family had already been subject to abuse because of their unusual child, suffered depression and agoraphobia, which led to a nervous breakdown and suicide attempt.

In the recession of the early 1990s, the family's businesses failed.

One family shop was destroyed by fire, and Mark Harries was convicted of insurance fraud.

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Harries repeated her claim in January 2015 stating "It's all true [...] he doesn't want people to find out, maybe he doesn't want his mother to know!

Parents need to know that Prodigy Math Game is a fantasy-based web and app game that covers skills learned in Grades 1 through 8.

Later, Harries decided to transition from male to female, change her name to Lauren Charlotte, and investigated gender reassignment surgery, which was carried out in 2001.

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