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One of the ways to achieve that is to put a code like the following into your shell's login script (e.g.command causes the login shell to be replaced by the X11 session.

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It should be noted that this tty will be used for login and console output, and X11 can be started on any other tty.

In order to avoid relying on the DISPLAY XDG_VTNR trick to determine whether to start X11, we can extend the two above approaches by using a dedicated environment variable to distinguish the specific shell where X11 is to be started.

Usually, the X11 session is started by a display manager.

However, when running a single-user system you may find display managers an unnecessary waste of resources.First, create a dedicated login wrapper: in order to show supplementary information on the console logon screen. on a 1-user system one may wish to see if there are any new emails without logging in. You can also use online cron job service https:// trigger the script and a tutorial at https://and Openbox session as a fallback session using VT 1, 2, & 3. In order to obtain complete X11 autologin, you can use the getty/login autologin feature along with the fore-mentioned trick.First, create a new service file like the following: username replaced by the user's username, and tty8 being the tty the X11-starting login to be performed on.Megacams will help you find your kind of female camgirl easier and faster.

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