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Almost a third of female Irish applicants made it onto the site.

But less than one in 10 Irish men that applied to the website were let in.

The latest trend was revealed after a study of the nation by nation acceptance rates, and Irish men have once again ranked joint-bottom alongside the UK and Poland.

But there was some positive news for the women of this country who once again scored highly on the website, being ranked the eighth most attractive nationality on the dating website last year.

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So what are you waiting for, get online dating today and find that someone special! You see a carnel desire and someone with whom you want to explore your insatiable black girl fetish. Because when you sexualise us we can’t help but wonder how much longer you’ll stick around after you get tired of the pigment of our skin. Because when you sexualise us you are damaging our spirit. You are instilling an insecurity in us about something that we should be proud of. Because when you sexualise us you’re telling us that we will never amount to anything more than a checklist, a conquest, a tool. ‘This isn’t just black women though – it’s Asian women too. It’s a very high number.’ She says that she’s had women contacting her off the back of her post, saying that they’ve experienced the same thing.She joined dating site Plenty of Fish to try and find ‘something serious’ – but has since been forced to delete the app after discovering that many of the guys on it just wanted to see what it’s like to have sex with a black woman. ‘I’ve noticed that Irish men fetishise black women. There’s more to us than the body that you have unjustly exotified because you refuse to look at what we can offer you intellectually. Dear Irishman, the next time you set your green eyes on me, remember this: There’s more to me than my colour. There’s more to me than the body that you have unjustly exotified because you refuse to look at what I can offer you intellectually. ‘I’ve had it from a number of people – maybe seven or eight out of 10 men will comment on the fact I’m black.

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