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Further to this (As Jezebel reported), “And once that exchange occurs, there’s a window of time when that messaging impacts their own thinking positively, and there’s a higher chance they will message someone of a different race.” I believe this stat as my mum is white and my dad is half Japanese and when he asked her out back in the day, apparently she said yes because she “thought it would be interesting to date a man from another culture”. They later got divorced but hey, they had some good-looking kids, *hair flip*. Oh and I used a pic of Lucy Liu for this story because for some reason white Aussie guys thinks every Asian woman looks like Lucy Liu.

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I could go into the post-colonial ideologies at work that spawn the fetishization of Asian women in the West but you all won’t care, as you’re probably a white dude reading this, so I’ll spare you…

Another slightly more legit study from the journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences used online dating data from Ok Cupid and the findings report that “users from all racial backgrounds are equally likely or more likely to cross a racial boundary when reciprocating than when initiating romantic contact.” So that means, if someone is hit up by someone of a different race they’re more likely to message that person back, more so than the likelihood of them reaching out to someone of another race on their own terms. The take away from all of this however is to a) be born an Asian female in a Western country and get used to creeps b) in lieu of that, hit up anyone you like of any race online as they might be more positive about it than you think.

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