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My ex's mother was bipolar, and I believe he was too.

About the stalker making all the decisions, this goes back to what I was saying before: that they are often controlling while the relationship is going on. The most important thing is not to have any contact with the stalker. Even negative attention is worse than no attention at all.

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So, what you experienced in people sharing their's is very common. I'll use the pronoun "he," since male stalkers are more prevalent: A man who will later stalk a woman, has been in a relationship which is frequently controlling, while the relationship is going on.

i.e., he might tell her what to wear or that she can't see her female friends.

I have heard mixed opinions about using restraining orders.

Women seem to think it just incites the stalker to bother you even more.

If you are considering getting one, you must first research how these orders are handled in similar cases in your jurisdiction. The woman stalking me violated the restraining order 24 times before the police arrested her, and then did so only because the responding officer had himself been stalked.

In jurisdictions in which police don't arrest for violations, it's often better not to get one, because then the stalker feels emboldened - like he can do anything, even more than he's doing already and the police won't arrest him. He'd rather have your love, but he'll take your anger if there's no alternative. But often, that's the best tactic and hope that he will get bored and go away.

It is also not unusual for stalking behavior to begin before the relationship ends, i.e.

he might show up at her place of work to make sure she's really there or listen in on her phone calls. It's important to look at several factors when assessing if a stalker might become violent: Drug/alcohol use increases potential for violence, so does a past history of violence.

Unfortunately, those times often occur when the legal system is involved, i.e. How can one find out who the stalkers are when supposedly no one witnesses, police won't get involved, fingerprints supposedly are not on file. She was extremely resourceful and persevered, so it can be done in some cases. I met a woman once who ended up a virtual prisoner in her trailer, never leaving, and keeping sheets over her windows. I do sincerely believe, though, that as more is learned about how dangerous stalking behavior is, and how disruptive it is to a victim's life (even if there has been no physical violence) that the laws will improve and will help empower victims.

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