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The chocolates, the roses, the heart-shaped pizzas delivered to lucky roommates from long-distance boyfriends — Valentine’s Day has me thinking about dating at Notre Dame; more precisely, the lack of it and why that’s bad for campus social life.

To those who acutely feel the pangs of being single in this “cuffing season,” who see couples on campus everywhere and would protest my statement that Notre Dame lacks a dating culture, I’d like to clarify why I describe it that way. Notre Dame is known for its romantic Grotto engagements and Basilica wedding waitlist, yet as the upcoming “ring by spring” deadline draws near, few students are implicated in these traditions (for better, not worse, in my opinion).

When a woman knows that she can comfortably end the evening and that she owes nothing beyond the date, she is, paradoxically, more open to a nice evening continuing or perhaps a second date.

Making things safer makes things better for both men and women.

Dating is supposed to be how you get to know someone in a public, safe setting (which is especially important for women, more on that later).

That might sound obvious, yet with a campus culture that largely lacks regular dates, every date that does occur seems like a big deal.By using our site, you acknowledge that you have read and understood our Cookie Policy.There was a time, not so long ago, when I could look back on my relatively barren romantic life and count, one by one, the half dozen first dates I’d experienced.I’d disagree, but I’ll leave that debate to another time.A traditional dating culture empowers women and protects us.Dating does not mean immediate serious relationships or inextricable emotional commitments.

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