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I am a shy woman who is sincere, cheerful and playful. He could be an Asian or Caucasian age between 35 - 60 yrs, mature, kind, . I would like to have a good life with my future husband. I like scuba diving and l just recently got back from taking Scuba diving course in Trad province. My hobbies are doing house work, cooking, gardening, movie and music. Seeking an Asian/Caucasian soul mate36-50 yrs, sincere, warmhearted, responsible, gentle, have a sense of humore. My English is Good and I'm sure it will be better and better each day.

My English is Good becuase I've a Bachelor of Arts, Major in English Business Communication. Seeking a soul mate 30-50 , good mixer, funny, honest, reasonable, not a womaniser and don't tell a lie. I'm friendly, patient, sensitive and self confident. Seeking a soul mate 30-50 yrs, romantic, kind, reasonable, not a womaniser. I can continue living in Thailand or abroad or both countries. I'm reasonable and very kind to animals such as dogs, cats,. Seeking a soul mate 30-50, family loving, responsible, patient, understandting, can discuss with anything, not a lier, neither moody nor violent. I have my own car and laptop(notebook) so I can access to the internet when I need. Seeking a soul mate 50-60 yrs, kind, considerate, understanding, sincere, cheerful and love children. I'm flexible about having children and where to live in the future. I'm here to take English course and I stay with an American host family.

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Though culture and tradition do tend to dictate that an Asian woman is more soft-spoken and devoted to family and perhaps even subservient to a male head of household, there are obviously many exceptions and variations on this theme.

Remember that with an Asian Bride you can also spend your life with a thoroughly modern and ambitious person who just so happens to also be stunningly beautiful!

In popular culture there are many stereotypes of what an Asian Bride should be.

Many men profess their love of the supposed purity and soft-spoken obedience of Asian women, not to mention the Asian bride’s storied beauty and grace, but this can be limiting and often not entirely accurate.

Seeking a soul mate 47-55 yrs, sincere, family loving, faithful, warmhearted, extrovert......don't tell a lie and not bossy. I would like to have my own child and I'm flexible about where to live in the future. I'm kind, sincere, cheerful, an animal lover and I smile easily.

Seeking a soul mate 40-60 yrs, calm, kind, caring and patient.

I'm flexible about having a child and I'm a vegetarian but don't mind others who are non vegetarian. I'm good humored, cheerful, playful and love animals.

Asia is a broad region that has many nationalities, long-honored traditions, and a myriad of cultures and ethnicities.

We have our own Auto repair shop and we sell Auto parts too. I want a man who will not judge me based on my appearance only. Seeking a soul mate 45-60 yrs, warmhearted, kind, sincere, honest, responsible, generous, good mixer.

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