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The “” of Moses, which was to be Joshua’s leadership manual, recalls the book by the same name discovered in the temple during Josiah’s reign (see 2 Kings 22:8, 11).

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Chapters 13–21 delineate Canaanite territories that were distributed among the twelve tribes of Israel.

Chapters 22–24 wrap up the book with Joshua bidding farewell to the Israelites.

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1 Introduction 2 Campaigns of Conquest (1–12) 3 Tribal Territories (13–21) 4 Covenant Considerations (22–24) 5 Joshua as a Book Study Guide Achan, Ai, Ark of the covenant, Cities of refuge, Conquest, Divine warrior, Etiology, Gibeon, Gilgal, , Hazor, Holy war, Jericho, Joshua, Lots, Rahab, Shechem Canaanites According to the Bible, Canaanites were the inhabitants of Palestine at the time the Israelites, led by Joshua, entered the Promised Land. Newberry, Palestine has been the object of conquest for thousands of years.

The Israelites crossed the Jordan River and went to Gilgal where all the men were circumcised (3–5). But Achan stole some property in the process, so the Israelites lost the battle of Ai the first time; they succeeded the second (7–8).

The Gibeonites became allies, but Israel attacked other cities, including Hazor (9–12).No one will be able to resist you as long as you are alive. The title “ Servant of Yhwh” is a favorite Deuteronomistic description of holy men and was applied primarily to kings and prophets in Deuteronomistic literature.Nelson (1981) observes the royal quality of the language here and the close relationship between Joshua and Josiah of Judah, who was king in the later 600s.Then ask yourself how the total pacification of Palestine by violent conquest fits within this picture. But be alert to hints that it may not have been quite so simple; a close reading of the books of Joshua and Judges suggests that the settlement was a long and complex process.After Moses died on Mount Nebo (Deuteronomy 34), Yhwh designated Joshua to take over as leader of the Israelites. Yhwh your Elohim will be with you wherever you go.” This passage contains Yhwh’s speech commissioning Joshua as the new leader of his people.They were united under Joshua’s leadership and were devoted to the covenant.

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