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So Krishna is rewarding the impersonalists in the way they want to be rewarded, by absorbing them into His impersonal effulgence and He is rewarding the devotees also by manifesting Himself before them in the way they want to see Him.

Krishna directly states that for the non-devotees — because they do not want to see Him — He does not manifest Himself before them: “I am never manifest to the foolish and unintelligent.

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In reality there is no enjoyment separate from Krishna because He is the Supreme Personality of Godhead the sole enjoyer and we are His servants. So when Krishna is happy because of his service the devotee enjoys.

The materialists, also, can not avoid this service.

Even if you look at the greatest and most powerful men on the planet — they all have to render service.

If you take the President of the United States — a very big post — still he has to serve the country.In every field of life this service is the most prominent thing for everyone. However Krishna has given us all a limited amount of independence.Many have heard the term ‘ of an object is that thing which can not be separated from the object. What is the characteristic that we have that can not be changed and without it we have no meaning? Our relationship with Krishna is based on love and love can not be forced.Also Krishna helps the impersonalists who desire to commit spiritual suicide by annihilating the individual existence of the living entity — Krishna helps them by absorbing them into His effulgence.Because the impersonalists do not agree to accept the eternal, blissful Personality of Godhead they can not enjoy the bliss of personal service to the Lord, having extinguished their individuality.» Hotel Transylvania 3 Full Movie 2018 English For Kids - Animation Movies - New Disney Cartoon 2018 Free Download, Download Hotel Transylvania 3 Full Movie 2018 English For Kids - Animation Movies - New Disney Cartoon 2018 In Mp3 Mp4 3Gp File Format.

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