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Lurking in the annuls of internet history, My Space was arguably the first big social networking site.

It boasted millions of active users and made a significant cultural impact. And it might be leaking all your private information.

Now, however, it seems that, even if My Space had implemented stronger password protection, the simple account recovery process would’ve rendered it moot.

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While some used it as a way of finding a following and a career (including Lily Allen, Calvin Harris, and Adele), most were content with choosing a fun background wallpaper and making an interesting bio. Security checks on major sites nowadays are generally pretty tight.

My Space has largely been forgotten — that is, it’s not front and center in the public consciousness. You can rely on them to have proper precautions to keep your password secure and all your personal data private. To gain access to your old My Space and take control, all a hacker has needed since the site’s heyday is your name, username, and date of birth.

A lot more thought should be put into it: the company’s gone through a rebrand that it hopes will draw old users back, so recovering an account is essential.

You’d think once a request is made, it would at least email some sort of verification to the associated address before allowing access.Various details have vanished, including some of those “Top X” lists of favorite books, TV, films, and songs.The problem remains, your profile isn’t a clean sheet. Again, we shouldn’t underestimate the worth of personally identifiable information.danah: My Space and Facebook are social network sites where individuals create profiles and link to others (“friends”) within the system.The profile serves as an individual’s digital representation (similar to homepages) of their tastes, fashion, and identity.What’s worse, My Space has known about this for a few months, and has done nothing about it. We’ve got Leigh-Anne Galloway from Positive Technologies to thank for exposing this vulnerability. Three months on, she decided the world should know, and My Space was forced to actually do something. These 10 pieces of information are what thieves are looking....

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