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Though proud and respectful of her heritage and faith, Kamala always felt different and was often mocked by her other peers for her nerdy interests, and strict parents.

In addition to Nakia and Bruno, Kamala found escape in her love of video games, social media, fan fiction, and above all, superheroes.

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The Carrelli brothers had been sent to live with their grandparents, immigrants from Italy, and their family had been struggling to make ends meet.

Later, when Kamala was entering the second grade, the Khan family met one of her new classmates, Bruno Carrelli. Bartholomew, told the Khans that Bruno's mother had recently lost custody of Bruno and his younger brother Vick.

Kamala put together a makeshift super hero costume out of her swimsuit and a domino mask as she went to Vick's rescue.

She soon realized that she was not alone, as the house filled with the Inventor's other teenage minions, led by a boy named Doyle with a small army worth of mechanical spiders.

Upon returning home, Kamala realized that there was more to being like Carol Danvers than looking like her.

As horribly as Zoe had treated her, she was glad and proud that she had rescued her.

Kamala took it to heart and spent the next day with Bruno developing her powers and making a costume.

She later went back to successfully rescue Vick from Doyle.

Though reluctant at first, Kamala and Bruno soon formed a close bond over their shared status as coming from immigrant families and their love for the animated TV series Tween Mutant Samurai Turtles.

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