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Ordained at age 20, he began his ministry in his hometown, and moved to a slightly larger congregation in a slightly larger town–Dalton, Georgia in 1892.

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But the 1980s and ‘90s also saw a more complex side of Seattle’s youth culture emerge.

Seattle gained national attention for its home grown Grunge music with bands such as Nirvana led by Kurt Cobain, Pearl Jam, and Soundgarden with their angst-ridden, darker lyrics bordering on despair.

Widely recognized as the most influential Protestant minister in the Pacific Northwest during the first half of the twentieth century, Matthews stood out among his peers for his flamboyant appearance and controversial statements in his attempt to shape the city in accordance with his deepest convictions.

Some seventy years later, another Seattle pastor has captured both local and national media attention for his flamboyance and often controversial statements.

“Without a local police force, it resembled the Wild West,” noted Driscoll.

“There were multiple strip clubs, seedy massage parlors, and hourly rate motels down the street from my home.

Both Matthews and Driscoll found Seattle to be a challenging social environment on a number of fronts.

Matthews decided to come after being persuaded by members of Seattle’s First Presbyterian Church that God was on the move in the Pacific Northwest, and that the city would be a gateway to the Orient both in terms of commerce but also as a location to launch a great missionary movement to the Far East.

But Seattle was also in the throes of a culture war.

A considerable number of business men and aspiring entrepreneurs believed that in order to prosper, the city needed to allow the permissive social culture associated with Gold Rush days of 1897 to continue to flourish in the form of saloons, gambling halls, and houses of prostitution.

Driscoll has had a more complex relationship to the culture of the Northwest.

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