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It’s a good match and they are both interested in each other.”Meanwhile, the two have continued to leave flirty comments on each other’s Instagram posts (which, if we've learned anything from Ariana Grande and Pete Davidson, means exciting things might be on the horizon).But until they officially confirm a relationship, we'll just have to keep wondering if this Jonas Brother has caught this lovebug again.

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The new research confirms that, while humans may pride themselves on being highly evolved, men really do go for an attractive mate - though will make do with someone who falls somewhat short of this ideal - while women - apparently understanding this - adjust their desire for a "high-quality" mate according to how attractive they perceive themselves to be. That is the conclusion of research published today in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences by Peter Todd, of Indiana University, Lars Penke, of Humboldt University, Berlin, Barbara Fasolo, of the London School of Economics, and Alison Lenton, of the University of Edinburgh.

Mr Todd said the problem with earlier work that suggested that likes attract was that the scientists had simply asked people about preferences while today's work showed what they actually did in a real world setting - a commercial speed dating operation with 46 people in Munich.

However, in the dating session, men and women acted in line with evolutionary theory."We found that what men and women say they want is not the same as what they actually choose and that the actual choices made by men and women accord with a rough evolutionary-predicted trade-off, in this case between men's overall mate value [combining their wealth and status, family commitment and health] and women's self-perceived attractiveness," said Mr Todd.

Women dominate this trade-off, he said, because "men are much less discriminating".

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