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I don’t want to enter into a relationship with someone who struggles financially or makes bad choices around money. Financial security means you can travel together and enjoy social activities comfortably.

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We all have deal breakers and traits we absolutely don’t want in a partner; you should consider these, but you don’t have to broadcast them.

On the other hand, do about the things that make you uncomfortable in a partner.

Go out with someone even if he isn’t your ideal match – you may be surprised.

If you tend to steer away from anyone with traits that evoke a residual, painful feeling from a previous relationship, be aware of this and make sure you’re not only reacting to a past hurt.

The guys are all hot, though—like, hot—so that’s nice. He kind of has the same nose and eyes as the version of me in the first photo, but his forehead is smaller than the forehead of the version of me who was on that boat. I have a big beer gut and, inexplicably, I am five-four at most. He sort of looks like me, but only the version of me from photo No. This me maybe could be a relative of the preceding guys but, like, a second cousin at best.

It would be really nice if this were the version of myself I resembled most in real life. The photo appears to have been generated by running all of the previous photos through one of those apps that mashes faces together. He is receiving a diploma in this photo and his nose, jaw, hairline, eye shape, and cheekbones are all new.

I am of lean build, sport just the right amount of stubble, and look to be five-eleven, maybe a full six feet. It seems I got a tattoo of a fish on my forearm since the previous photo was taken. This is a blurry selfie I took with a Webcam—the type of photo that the user always uploads twice in a row for some reason.

Not too shabby, definitely worth at least one date. I looked like I was in my late twenties before but now I could be anywhere between eighteen and thirty-six.

He decided to come up with a solution that would get to the heart of the problem, and bring compatible couples together from the start.

Over 20 years of his research went into what e Harmony is today.

It helps to have these in mind as you talk on the phone and go on the first date.

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