Long distance relationship dating website 10 dating tips for divorced men

You can manage lists, mark on a very detailed virtual calendar, you can even do silly things like send faces for different “emotions” and even send virtual hugs and kisses!

Of course sending picutures and messages are included.

It has already wowed thousands of couples with it’s unique Thumbkiss feature!

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The app gives both couples a series of questions and activities to help them get to know each other even better.

As you answer questions, users collect Date Night Coins to exchange for local restaurant discounts.

All Features: ★ Video chat ★ Fun video effects ★ Take screenshots of your calls ★ Connects you to social and IM services How to get it: Bistri is a Free i Phone and Android app.

You can download it or sign up for the online version at [symple_divider style=”dotted” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”] Couple is another app that allows couples to connect together in their own private social network.

The app can be downloaded to your phone, or you can create and connect to an album online just by connecting through Facebook or signing up with your email.

All Features: ★Control who can see and interact with your album.These apps create a virtual space shared only between couples that will help them to connect in private and imitate ways.Apps like this are perfect for Romantic Long Distance Relationships and Close Distance couples who want to connect both their minds and hearts in new ways.★ Your conversations are saved forever and Duet becomes a digital lockbox for the people and memories you cherish most.How to get it: [symple_divider style=”dotted” margin_top=”20px” margin_bottom=”20px”] Ever Snapp is a beautifully simple app that allows anyone to share a private album with the person or people of their choosing.Duet looks to be very easy and open in terms of use and ease of operation. All Features: ★ Send duets privately to the people you love. ★ Create an evolving collaborative life list of all the things you want to do and who you want to do them with.

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