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We never do anything sexual but he gave me a blow job months ago in passing and thoughts of it get me turned on.I am open to thoughts of homosexuality, but honestly do not think of myself as being one.

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I am never hard enough to penetrate – the thing is I badly want to, as I love her.

We also want a child and she is obviously feeling hurt.

Having said that, it may well be that your marriage can work out - if you ARE honest with yourself and if you are honest with your wife too.

For example, many gay men long to have children and they achieve this by inseminating a woman with their sperm.

The Transition Support Service will provide a holistic programme of support to transgender people undergoing gender transition.

Tel (helpline): 03001232523 (Open Tues & Wed 12-9pm)Tel: 01315 231100Web: London Lesbian and Gay Switchboard: This Switchboard provides an information, support and referral service throughout the UK.

This is a possible option open to you if you cannot fancy your wife enough to impregnate her in the usual way.

I wish I could do as you say and help you to make love to her - there is no magic formula for this, alas, as you just don't have the feelings.

Obviously you really like women, but this is not quite the same thing as being sexually attracted to them. And I'll come back to whom you should see for counselling in a moment. And I can see how desperately you want to avoid seeing yourself as homosexual.

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