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518 Septomber 3, 1978 Aioociito Editor Sharad Kotnia Sub-Editor G. inf and iheir earlier record is no» loo encourag- ing either .... p 3t The dispute between RWITC and bookmakers has finally reached .settlement. Yet Law 12 is very explicit that a player who has been cautioned, which is the same as be- ing shown the yellow card, should be sent off if he commits another caiitionable offence, i.e. The bar .shall be pulled in a single movement from the ground to (he full extent of both hands vertically above the head. If they were so good, did they really have to look beyond their Corp.s fo make up their team? Well if our politicians will not allow this, we could turn to our philanthropic maika kings, and if :hcy agree, we can then proudly Tell the East European countries: "You've got your i0]4. Even the re- over, the staff of the British Em- bassy boycotted the match because of the presence of Tony Greig. Ii appears that Sir Gar- field's knees have stiffened and he finds it difficult to swivel. It is noi al ways possible to gauge defensive tricks hut the rule can be a useful guide. In the closed room East's 7 H opening bid and suhscquer.t jump to 4 ^ has made life really tough for North. I am not sure that all the critic.s fully realise the enormous strides that have been taken. ^ *; f : dummy A club i*/ 'A*-..- J* :..i reduced ihc hand •» fhi:. v ending; n/J ••f Oil AK J Al Ox Bidding: N E S W ’ :n P F IH IS 2C P 3C p West, r»n pi 'tv. Next came a club tc tbe Ace — a far sighted play The full h.ind: A f V KQl OSy J* (W) X X X X KQ 9 V f) I*, i V ^ y y. After all, Bf»rg\s remarkable run of victories have clearly established him as an exceptional tennis player. Ignoring players the years, the Vidarbha Cricket Association has select- ed playing for various cricket t our iia meats predominantly from Nagpur, and in instances only t'rom Nagpur, ignoring, in the pro- cess, the other seven di.strict$ which arc included in V‘ larbha. BOMBAY 400 02S Regd No ; BYW / 147 ..through RESEAi? He only feared the overwhelm- ing hospitality, which would be more dangerous than the hostile fast bowling. Chinna- swamy was confident that the team would bring laurels to the country. The Boodbay Cricket Aasociaitlon were bom m a farewell parly and dunigh die S layers landed at an ungodly our ai Karachi the popular expression of goodwill was one of uid HHinded warmth Ghulam Ahmed and Bapu Nadfkarni share a joke wi«h Bishan Bed I Keep your bead and heart . For Australian pace terror Jeff Thomson announced his retirement from Test cricket — less than a month before England set out to defend the trophy.

Contractor Advertising Representatives: Vivek Saivi, 54/3, Hazra Road, Calcutta49. Not only are they grouped with 'ho .stronger teams, they are also woefully short of match ex- perience on astro! One went *^0 far as to maintain that a player can be shown two yellow cards in the same match. — HOSKY MISTRY SPORTSWEEK, SEPTEMBER 10, 1978 45 Outstanding 7 R eference c« your anicie **ASC outstgndint;'* (Aug. If A$C is really outstanding, why then did they include Rad- hey Shyam of Rajputana Rifles fo assist them in the All India Nehru Cold Cup tournament? 'Bingo' v 'matka' T VIERE was an interesting talk on Aug. The speaker informed us that The Hiisi European countries are planning to finance their Olympic learns through *bingo* — a game commonly known in India as *Ilousie.' He then wondered whe iliei this could be done in India also; above all whether this would be permitted. Liakalh Ali Khan, 18 C O Rahimaii Khan, Brodipet 1/4 Road, Guntur (AP). Lack of pre-match publicity, owing to a press strike in New York; also had adverse nbpercussions. , The meaning of North - South's ‘5 NT' and *6 C* bids is not very clear but N/S did not succumb to the temptation of doubling *: S'. When oppo- nents bid six in a competitive am tion, second-hand doubles with two defensive tricks hut passes with one or more — Fourth hand sacrifices with no defensive trick, doubles with one trick — invit- ing co-operation and passo.s with two defensive tricks. N K S w P H .1 (' 4 S ( weak ) In the open loorn North's pass of 4 S (si la'/V- I feel North is wnr;li it double, which in this situatioji should tend to show values - not a spade* stack which is iniprobabie. Th*WKh the lay down slam might friill he missed after the pre- empt, I h e would .t- least land in a sensible contract. The game in South Africa is now multi-racial and it is time to take it out of the political scene and put it back where it belongs, in the sporting scene. i.'.i ji ; \ by widi » Thr * iind Ai.c (d .'mj -.s v* ca.fdiod, hv of cli Am.'ui U' . Lena and her partner ex- plored the hand carefully to reach a contract which seems doomed with three biack-suit losers in ad- dition to the unavoidable one in trumps. Lena ducked the opening lead and won the spade return with dummy's Ace. Al- though Burg, quite sportingly, dis- claimed that a blister on his rac- quet hand resulted in his losing the match, it is safe to presume that, without injury, the Swede could have played better. Speaking at a reception hosted by the Bombay Cricket Associa- tion, the manager said that he would endeavour to bring the best out of the team, both on and off the field and glory to the country. Bedi and Faiehsinh Gaekwad 8PORTSWHBK, OCTOg ER 1, 1978 The India D crid Ml toaoi vrcrc given a warm wnd^iff al Bombay and received an eib Bitiaia BCic welcome ai Karaclifi. Gaekwad and Surinder w Hh dielr wives Brothers two . Mohinder A/namath SPORTSWa BK, OCXOBBK 1 , 1978 Thommo quits S OME of the fire has been taken out of the Battle for the Ashes.

p 75 India's women’s hockey team face an arduoirs task ot the World Cup at Madrid beginning this month. HILE discussing i h e use of " yellow and red cards with a couple of senior members of the Referees Board of the All-India Football Federation I gained the impression that even they were not clear about the mechanics and inv plications of these. Only three hands to serve, while the other team shall all hands to serve. The part of the court between the end line be- hind your basket and the centre line. The Americans, for whose benefit the show was arranged, w er e conspicuous by their absence, while immigrants made up most of the crowd. They would have been happier to see the crowds mustering in strength, par- ticularly the Americans. of '6 Hearts ’ Have you ever heard of the Hayden Slam Double Convention? Since their isolation in June 1970, they have bent over back- wards to do everything that was asked of them. If East has three hearts or it is possible to duck a heart to East after hold ing up the S. However, after the over-call of *1 S’ it is not easy to hit the top spot. W HILIi; Jimmy Connors won the US Open tennis champion- ship in .straight sets, it must not be forgotten that Borg was consider- ably handicapped, which may have had a hearing upon his defeat. ' E^ASI^ARMS* l6**S*Vr Mf Tow Vr AMmiicia Dff J • GALil AMKUMAR * CO .424 KUbadav. He added that the new ball will be taken after 55 overs and the over-rate will be 13 overs per hour.

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Only skipper Kallicharran and Vanburn Holder, of :liis inexperienced side, have visited India before .... Avinash Gokhale, who won this event last year partnering Khins- wara, played at Poona with that wizard of Par — Orlando Campos. Whe- ther solvers from other parts of the country surpass this score is left to be seen. The lunch and tea arrangements also left a loi to be desired. Now, as the temperature touches 93 degrees down by the rolling Mississippi, Ali is. »in Uni Cb OMk Ddihi S BHANINARUAl MUTHA i SONs S-M S Hipnwiy. i^o^k Juiiundur Cit V e GANGAbi N GUPTA 32 New Ma»ka. V-’ ih Panthenol and LO-7 fa For the natural "no oil" look ; | Without the problems. We have heard so much about that country, their players and their traditions and we look forward to good cricket in the coming days," said Indian captain Bishan Singh Bedi on the eve of his team's depar- ture to Pakistan.

p 7 India and Pakistan will resume Test cricket after almost 17 years of cool relationship Between t h e cricket hoards of the two countries. p 8 With several of their leading cricketers now under contract with Kerry Packer, the West Indies se- lection board faced considerable problems in picking their team to tour India later this year. Their over-all score, how- ever, is only 41% — a poor score for the leaders of a tou^ Bombay held. "Moi'eover it was the fear of batting on such an un- predictable matting surface that spelt the doom of the World XT batsmen," he added. This routine went on day after day until last week when the time came for ‘The Greatest” and the whole Ali circus — about 40 on the payroll — to fly to New Orleans. H "No-Oir' Style P Now there's Code 10 Tome Hair ^ Dressing. Absent Vbngearkar HIS tour is of special signi* ficance to all of us who are going to Pakistan for the hrsi time.

•• HAT we have at present js the result of a unique situation in cricket. Waves of players protest ensued at the Jaipur Coaching Camp. With his Isolated Queen Pawn and later an isolated Queen Rook Pawn Kor- chnoi had to struggle for 42 moves to reach a drawn Rook ending. It is respected by Rovernin R bodies, promoters and sponsors and has framed an acceptable code of conduct for its members. In all in 1975, he took a total of 49 English wickets a n d 29 West Indian wickets.

Never before in die history of cricket have there been so many fast bowlers at any one single moment. 'flieir period.**- ifirclv coincided and gener- ally when one pair was emerging another was declining. All correspondence should be addressed to: SPORTSWEEK, 156-1), J, Dadajec Road, Bombay 400 031, Telephone Nos. Jimmy Connors continued h i s streak of ‘even-year* victories at the US Clay Court Championships in Indianapolis. Meanwhile, Arthur Ashe, endeav- ouring to come back into the top bracket of world tennis, won his second Colgate Grand Prix tourna- ment of the year ... Quite expectedly, Indian Airlines won the national hockey champion- ship defeating Railway.s in their two-leg final. One training session was l^ycotted and 63 girls sported black armbands. Korchnoi suffered a demoralising defeat in the 17th game. Players associations for other sport.s are inclined to be insular in their ap- proach and outlook. Earlier report on Thomson’.^ desire to retire and his piano for the future on page ?

As in the earlier two Te.sis, Eng- land sailed to a comfortable vic- tory, though the initial phase of the match suggested a 6ght-back by the tourists .... AQJ K J4 2 AQJ654 (N) 4 3 109 6 5 (W) OJIO 2 A O .1 6 5 4 (N) 82 (E) 82* 9874 K 109 8 3 (S) K 10 9 AQ73 AK653 7 The only Bombay solver to gel this hand was young Rajesh Dalai who timed hi$ plays to perfection. The pitch at the huge Shee Stadium where stands slide back and forth merely by pressing a push-button, so as to increase the playing area for different sports — ^had been prepared for a football match the previous day, with white chalk markings for the American football match still visible. Small strips of coconut matting were laid on an unprepared dirt surface, which is used as the baseball diamond. Even now, after ali the years of pain and glory, he reacts like a rising young actor to applause. ' r'r ^ .aiii: Standing Tatchsinh Gaekwad, Kirmani, Surinder, Yashpal, Kapil Dev.

All correspondence should be addressed to: SPORTSWEEK, 156 D, J. England made a clean sweep, winning all three Test matches against New Zealand this summer. *T*HE Entry-Shifting Squeeze is a ^ favourite theme with par-set- ter.s, but most Bombay solvers came a cropper at it at the Al Mndia Par Contest held on August 27, at dif* fereni centres throu^ the country. The pitying faclities provided for this match were, perhaps, the worst for any match Involving such big names. Later, the daily hordes of wor- shippers began to arrive a n d the more there were, the more Ali liked it. This year, with the kick-off just round the corner, six •teams arc likely to carry off all domestic honours — and, possibly, a title or two in European cham- pionships .... What is the hockey umpire sig- nalling when he points both arms horizontally towarda the goal? The Referees* Quiz Book, by Reg Pnne, official publication trf the Football Association (England), Pan Books, price Rs. And 10 top it all the tickets were priced at 10 dollars, much more than for a baseball match. John Mille- ner, a New Zealander took four wickets. At the same time, there is re- sentment among journalists, athle- tes and sports associations over government intervention in these Shocking selection, this T was distressing to learn that successful lour in batting as well T. Srinivasan has not been selected for the conditioning camp to be held at Bangalore. It is a pity that such a good batsman has not been included in the top 25 players in the country, especially after his successful uuiini; in ...j irders that they shall not grant interviews for a n y news- paper, journal, magazine, broad- casting and television authorhy. by HOSEY Is a scissors witii the legs over the body a legal hold in free- style wrestling? In the breast stroke swimming event can a swimmer take two strokes under water after the turn? “Yeah I gave him the opening six rounds think- ing he would not last the course. Bedi said that he had the best possible team and “we are going to do as well as before. Bedi did not agree with the opin- ion that the series b«;twecn l w o countries in the past had been marked by negative cricket and added, ”we will play the game as it should be played.** Bedi said that they were not worried about the eight-ball over in Pakistan. It should, on the contrary, help our spinners.” As for the composition of the team and inclusion of two off-spin- ners, Bedi said: **We have about four to five games before the first Test and we will decide what team wc should field after the perfor- mances in earlier matches.” Manager Fafehsinhrao Gaekwad received a description of the play- ing conditions on the eve of the team's departure. How- ever, India has accepted all major suggestion.s. p 16 The English soccer season is al- ways an important occasion and generates enormous enthusiasm in the country. Orlando claims to have solyed all his playing Pars. Generally the win- ning score is about 80%, but the feeling is that this year the Pars were tougher ana the winning score will be lower. What is the decision in a kho kho match if the scores are equal even after an extra inn- ings is played? of a long week-end when the city- folk flee to the country Just across the street the US Open tennis was in progress at Flushing Meadows. ZEk^TEMBER 17, 1978 Olympics or bust MAD n RITAIN seems to be following " the footsteps of Israel in boy- cotting the Moscow Olympics, and with the Games still about two years away, Tm sure there will be a lot more talk of boycott. Srini- vasan is the best stroke player in the country after Gavaskar, Viswa- nath and Patel. Can a boxer adopt a complete- ly passive defence by means of a double cover? When does the evaluation of a gymnast’s exercise begin in the horizontal bar? in the words of his ring-wise trainer Angelo Dun- dee, ’’lean and trim and ready.” **He will come in around 220 or 2221b (15 st or 121b) and he will not make t h e same tactical mis- takes as last time.” '*1 under-estimated Spinks rn that first fight,” says AH. “The lour will certainly improve the relations between the two coun tries.” The start was made early this year by the hockey teams of the two countrie.s and the cricket' ers will build on the foundation laid by them, added Bedi and as* sured that his team would play en* tertaining and exciting cricket.To radon it to one per over is like telling a bride on her wedding night that one is enough. The second point made life easy for Amriltaj and Drysdale realised it. “We are finally on good terms with the AIWC,” says Shantha. The adjourned position after 41 moves was hopeless for Korchnoi and he resigned on the 50th move in the second session. There ha.s been more rapport and a wider area of understanding between the Board of Control and the cricket player? M uch of the reason for this happy state of affairs may bo attribu ed to Board Presi don I Chinnaswamy I'he sopiuage- nafi^cut his eye teeth on trickoi ado'.jriisiration in Karnataka, so to and he has always been t ir.eiiable to raason. But he does seem to have a lot to learn in public relations when it comcii to dealing with the players association from Chinnaswamy. Our neigh hour .s from iitro.s.s the border are one ol our more recent cricket foes Hut they are treated like iradiiional enemies afi J each country would like. The devious attempt to gei ihre-- Bombay players, Caldeiro, D'Mcllo and Kaushik, into the camp was not lost on the IHF Executive. But these seem to be lost on his co- selectors who seem to be complete- ly disenchanted with the vaunted charms of adversaries like Gopal Bcngra, Vincent Lakra and Kara- keita, all rugged players of aver- age ability, who are among the drop-outs. 2.5,000 ^ to make Cordciro’s tcip to Eu- r«»pe and Buenos Aires possible a.s :i World Cup observer. L Passi, iiiianimniislv in:rusted will the organisation of ihe lf)82 World Cup, to pull the BHA's chestnuts out of the (tre and get Bombay confirmed a.s the venue. This move put him in the hie- rarchy of Australian cricket and he was made vice captain for last win- ter’s tour of the West Indies.10 SPORTSWBEK, SEPTEMBER 3, 1978 Suddenly, OUDDENLY, vrithout any warn- ^ ing, I found myself the new captain of Australia. “Well played, Anand, very good," he observed from one baseline to the other. “There iitie still many points to get straight but the basic understand- in|i is there. The 13th and 14th adjourned games were played on the sanic day and Korchnoi dropped two points in the duration of an hourl Korchnoi's English opening in the ISth game transposed 10 Queen's Gambit Catalax (Fian- ^etto of the King Bishop). Bedi, one of the prime movers in the formation of the cricket players as.sociaiion, stands at a fork in the road of his personal life, which is entirely a private affair, and in his cricketing career which is a matter of public concern. They denied him the nest egg of a tax-free Benefit Match which could have fetched him around £50,000 sterling. i« mark the revival of regular tours on a triumphant note. B u i hjs sketchy report, which did not con- tain budgetary proposals, earned ilie wrath of IMI*' President. The A ICS ha.s not reduced the IHF to quivering gellatin. He was widely expected to skipper the side against England this year after the retirement of Bobby Simpson. US-1(72R Wise, conservative selection N O selection, committee selects e team other than the best.Then on the first dav of the Test thev reallv batted well — seem inelv for the ♦ime on ibe tour Tlie sun shone and the K»wis made hay as (he English bowlers were less than accurate and the Holdirg shoddy. and (hat made the big difference as the New Zealanders, thanks mainly to Geoff Howarth who scored a cen- tury and skipper Burgess who has shown no form at all bu« buckled down to resolute defence to carry . At that time the sport was labour- ing under every possible handicap. They have much to offer and It is one of the tragedies of our times that so many of their out- standing players have not had the opportunity to compete against the world’s best in the Test arenas. Coins, view-cards, correspon- dence, reading, drawing. Rajcndra Kumar Malhotra, 19 7'aksal Wali Gali, Danaolf, Gwalior 474 001. It doesn’t worry me in the least to see a bats- man hurt, rolling around on the ground screaming — and blood on the pitch.” He proceeded to take 33 England wickets and Australia to a con- vincing 4-1 win.

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